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  • Glenn Austen
    Musculoskeletal Specialist / Clinical Myotherapist
    Personal Trainer

    Glenn Austen is extremely passionate about providing you with a natural and fast solution to being pain and injury free. With over 14 years of practical experience and having completed a BHSc in Myotherapy, Adv. Dip Myotherapy (1800hrs) and Cert. IV - Fitness, your are definitely in good hands when it comes to helping you with your pain and or injury.

    Glenn's passion for his work was sparked from personally struggling with constant migraines and knew that their had to be a cause to them that could be naturally fixed. Through the process of trail and error visiting doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, naturopaths and acupuncturists without really finding an answer that made sense and by not getting any long term relief, it was this that made Glenn hungry for knowledge and through not accepting to have to live with the pain, he found Myotherapy that provided the solution to his pain. 

    Glenn uses his personal experience with pain to strengthen his capacity as a practitioner to assist others in finding the cause to their pain in a way that makes perfect sense, because life is too short to be living in pain.

  • At the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic we are here to provide a holistic approach to your pain and or injury, by addressing the cause of your pain and helping you to a fast recovery.

    All the treatment at the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic is 100% natural and tailored specifically for your type of injury and pain. We understand pain whether it be acute or chronic and can provide a solution to enable you to get your life back, free from pain and or injury.

    90% of pain people will experience throughout their lives is what is called musculoskeletal pain that will affect either the bodies muscles, joints, nerves and bones. The reality is that most of this pain can be avoided to a large extent or at least managed.

    Pain is our bodies way of communicating with us, letting us know something is not as it should be. The point of pain is to allow us to learn from what our bodies is attempting to tell us, but unfortunately it is as if your body is talking a language you don’t comprehend.

    What we do at the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic is teach you to understand the underlying cause of your pain so that you can move on with life and learn what your body is attempting to consistently tell you. The benefit of this is, you can be confident that the same pain won’t return if you have anything to do with it.