• Back Pain

  • Back pain will affect most adults at some point in their lives, the reason for this is the biomechanical weakness this area of our body has as a result of us having our eyes in the front of our head and that we stand on two feet, this creates the muscles in the mid to lower back region work overtime without being rewarded for their effort resulting in the muscles shutting down and creating fatigue, tightness, pain, dysfunction and then eventually degeneration. 

    Back pain can vary in intensity as it can feel like a constant dull ache to an intense debilitating pain that can stop you in your tracks rendering you useless, If we don't allow ourselves to completely free ourselves from a bout of acute back pain, it will progressively compound and eventually become chronic.

    To completely free yourself of back pain, allow us to teach you how you can remain pain free. Get the most specific type of therapy available to restore your back as if is brand new, and learn how to strengthen your body so that your back doesn't have to overwork in the first place, At the same time become aware of the postures and environments that contribute to your back pain and find the solution to you back pain, remember prevention is even better than the best cure.

  • At the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic we provide a holistic and extremely comprehensive approach to dealing with back pain,  we offer a range of treatments to ensure you get the results you expect.