• Poor Posture

  • Fix Poor posture with Postural Correction at the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic

    Poor posture is one of the major contributors to musculoskeletal pain and injuries we can experience throughout our lives.

    At the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic we understand how to easily identify if your poor posture may be responsible for your pain and or injury.

    Our posture is a by-product of how we use our body, what we ask from our body and what environments our body has to adapt to.

    It’s vital to recognise that our working environment and sleeping environment equate to the majority of our lives (about two thirds) therefore its so important we actively correct these environments to ensure you have the best possible posture.

    Glenn Austen is the Musculoskeletal specialist at the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic, holding the highest qualification in providing the latest scientific and natural approach to pain & injury.

    Throughout Glenn’s 16 year career he has literally helped thousands of people from all ages and walks of life get to the cause of the pain or injury, providing a complete solution.

    A comprehensive assessment including a bio-mechanical analysis reveals the bio-mechanical causes that connect your poor posture to your Pain & Injury.

    We teach you how to practically correct poor posture and with the help of Clinical Myotherapy we effectively restore the biomechanical cause behind any poor posture, and then recondition your body with corrective exercise prescription so you can maintain perfect posture..

    Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure, and it is known that having poor posture for an extended period of time inevitably creates degeneration such as arthritis, disc compression and herniation, and joint degeneration.

    All of this conditions can be prevented and even restored with our help, please contact us today so that we can discuss with you further how we can help.

    The Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic is located in the bayside, peninsula suburb of Melbourne, Frankston. Victoria 3199. Making us local to anyone living or working in Frankston, Seaford, Langwarrin, Patterson Lakes, Carrum Downs, Aspendale Gardens, Chelsea Heights, Edithvale, Chelsea, Waterways, Bonbeach, Sandhurst, Karingal and Cranbourne.