• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Carpal tunnel is an injury that not only causing pain and inflammation but can also be responsible for causing poor circulation on the hands and fingers along with causing neurological symptoms such as pins and needles and or numbness in the hands or fingers.

    Carpal tunnel is caused by an entrapment of the forearm flexor muscles tendons through a channel in the wrist, this happens from overuse of the forearm flexor muscles developing myofascial trigger points and then causing inflammation where they attach into the hand bones, the increase in blood at the site where there is inflammation occludes the channel and compresses the nerve and blood along with causing pain and affected mobility, often causing a weakness in grip and hand control.

    Carpal tunnel can be fixed naturally very quickly when receiving the correct treatment and the right advise. If you or someone you know is suffering from Carpal tunnel, please call the clinic and avoid getting surgery as it does not address the cause of the problem and can only sometimes help, often the time recoverying from surgery alone allows the inflammation to settle, which can be 6 weeks following surgery. With Clinical Myotherapy treatment Carpal tunnel can be completely fixed in half that amount of time, and you will learn how to prevent it from ever returning.