• Plantar Fascitis

  • There are 7 layers of muscle in the arch of your foot,  they are separated by layers of convective tissue called "fascia". The plantar fascia becomes inflamed and painful when the muscles under the foot have to work too hard, often when the foot is incorrectly supported. This causes the muscles to develop myofascial trigger points that shortens the muscles and then the attachment points become inflamed and painful.

    Plantar Fascitis is a painful condition that can persist unfortunately for longer than it should as it's often mistreated. The quicker you can intervene with appropriate treatment the sooner you can be pain free. Well you might be thinking what is the best treatment. 

    At the Peninsula Pain & Injury we can provide you with a compete solution to this crippling injury,  the first thing that needs to be addressed is your gait and how the biomechanics of your foot are functioning in different footware. Often the onset of Plantar Fascitis is due to your either the arch in your foot is collapsing or you are putting too much pressure on the ball of your feet like running on your toes will create.

    Secondarily the treatment required is to release all myofascial trigger points in the affected muscles to take away the secondary reaction of inflammation. Self help exercises are then implemented to ensure a collaborative approach to care and to ensure a speedy recovery.