• Knee Pain

  • Knee pain is a debilitating and nagging injury that can either be acute or chronic, despite how long you have been suffering from pain or dysfunction of your knee, we at the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic can help you to restore, relieve and regain your mobility again.

    Acute knee pain following an injury requires immediate attention, please call us today on 0414 453 550 so that we can provide the best advice in what to do.

    If your knee pain has been progressively getting worse then let us help you to fix it for you, the knee joint is vulnerable as we expect allot from it and if we have any biomechanical dysfunction present that is responsible for putting additional stress into the knee, it is vital that you learn what is going on and how to help to fix your knee injury. Glenn Austen specialises in the rehabilitation of knee injuries and can certainly keep you from requiring surgery for as long as you're willing to implement what Glenn will teach you.

    Quality of life ensures that we retain our ability to be mobile, our knees play a very important role in our freedom, simple everyday tasks such as getting in and out of chairs, your bed, the toilet, being able to wash and dress yourself, and ability to get into a car all require our knees to be working, I see too many people limping off to see the surgeon and then visiting me to help them, surgery is not the answer people, yes it does play an important role for the recovery of some injuries, although most knee pain is degenerative and requires the specialised musculoskeletal therapy that we can provide for you, allowing you to feel good as new.

  • At the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic we can provide fast , effective treatment for Knee pain or injury by addressing the biomechanical causes. Give us a call to arrange an appointment so you can discover how quickly you can be pain free and moving freely again.