• Tennis Elbow / Golfers Elbow

  • Do you have a persistent pain in your elbow, it could well be either Tennis Elbow also known as lateral epicondylitis or Golfers Elbow otherwise known as medial epicondylitis. What this means is either pain on the inside of your elbow, or the outside respectively. Either of these types of injuries is caused by an overload of the muscles of the forearm, upper arm and hand. 

    When any of these muscle become overloaded they will fatigue and develop myofascial trigger points (small muscle contractions) thus causing the muscles to become shorter in length, this dysfunction of the muscles creates a secondary problem, When the muscle is asked to work and because of it's now shorter length, the muscle pulls where it attaches and inflammation develops. Inflammation is the bodies way of healing itself delivering oxygenated blood to the site, this extra blood flow to the area causes it to become increasingly painful and swollen.

    While using ice, anti-inflammatories or resting may help temporarily, it is important to rectify the underlying cause. Otherwise as soon as the muscles start overworking again the problem will quickly return.

    What we do differently to common attempts to help with this kind of injury is focus on restoring the biomechanical cause by releasing trigger points in the affected muscles and educating you to recognise the types of activities that develop the trigger points in the first place. Once the involved trigger points are released the inflammation will settle and the area will be restored. We will then educate you to ensure this type of injury doesn't return.

    At the Peninsula Pain & Injury clinic we focus on a holistic approach to treatment, management and prevention.

    If you would like to find out more information or to arrange an appointment to get this kind of injury fixed, give us a call today.