• Shoulder Pain & Injury

  • Shoulder Pain & Injuries

  • Discover the solution to your Shoulder Pain & Injury with Clinical Myotherapy at the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic.

    The shoulder is one of the most moveable joints in the body and can provide an amazing capacity to adapt to dysfunction, There are many types of injuries that affect the shoulder from; Frozen shoulder, strains and tears of the rotator cuff, Inflammatory type injuries, dislocations and general dysfunction causing pain and or restriction of movement.

    The shoulder is supported by a group of four muscles collectively known as the rotator cuff that prevent the shoulder from moving outside of the normal ranges of movement, these muscles can become overloaded and this is what often initiates any of the types of injuries that affect the shoulder.

    Shoulder Pain & Injury can be caused by a range of different things, each case needs to to correctly assessed and a treatment plan initiated to provide the quickest recovery

    At the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic we understand that the majority of pain and injuries people suffer from commonly are caused by trigger points that develop within the musculoskeletal system, Trigger point therapy focuses on releasing these providing targeted pain relief.

    Trigger points are one of the major causes to pain and injury experienced throughout our lives, and the symptoms these trigger points cause us include; Pain, Fatigue, Tightness, Dysfunction or impaired mobility and eventually degeneration.