• Sciatica

  • Sciatica is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, producing a range of symptoms from pain, muscle spasm, numbness and or pins and needles. Each individual case of Sciatica can be individual so not all symptoms need to be present although the one symptom that is consistent with everyone that has Sciatica is pain in your gluteal region, yes that’s right a real pain in the backside!

    The Sciatic nerve is a major nerve that is like a freeway where many roads join up with this major nerve from the lumbar spine, it is only anatomically called the sciatic nerve as it runs through the gluteal region and into the top backside of your thigh. Sciatica is often wrongly treated with analgesics (pain killers) and anti-inflammatories, where it can be easily fixed by addressing the cause of the condition.

    The Sciatic nerve runs either straight above, through or below a muscle known as Piriformis depending on the individual, if it runs either through or below this muscle and this muscle is in a contracted state often caused by myofascial trigger points being active, the muscle acts like an overpass that has just collapsed onto the freeway, producing Sciatica.

    At the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic Sciatica can be easily fixed and you will understand how you can help yourself to ensure you never have to suffer from this painful condition every again. If you are suffering from Sciatica and want a solution call the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic today to arrange an appointment.