• Headaches & Migraines

  • Discover the answer to Headaches & Migraines.

    The Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic specialises in providing a natural solution to headaches & migraines.  Stop living in pain,  it’s time to do yourself a favor and discover the answer to why you get them and how to fix them for good.

    Headaches & Migraines can affect your life in so many ways. At the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic, Clinical Myotherapy can provide you with a natural solution.

    Headaches & Migraines in most cases originate from dysfunction of the muscles in the neck, shoulders, jaw and head. Once you get a few muscles in these areas triggering their pain referral patterns, we identify this pain collectively as a headache.

    There are many types of headaches, tension, sinus, cluster, rebound/withdrawal and migraines.

    Tension headaches are the most commonly experienced and are a directly linked with myofascial trigger points that can develop in the muscles of the neck, shoulders, jaw and head, The headache pain often can be triggered by dehydration, stress, strenuous activity, poor posture, overheating, which can all activate trigger points.

    The pain experienced can vary from mild to quite intense although they often don’t prevent you from daily tasks, the pain is often described as a constant ache or feeling of pressure around head and is often felt greater in either the eyes, temples or back or top of the head.

    Migraine headaches can be quite debilitating and often will affect an individual in other ways than just causing pain, people often feel nausea and can become hypersensitive to light and or sound, Migraines typically have three phases of symptoms, the initial warning indicator that you are about to experience a migraine is known as an aura or prodrome, that affects your vision presenting as blurred and spotty vision that can last for a few minutes to up to an hour generally.

    The next phase is the pain phase that is normally more intense on one side at a time, the pain can come in waves of intense throbbing type pain, often the pain makes you feel nauseated and some people feel better once they do throw up, this can last for 20 minutes to up to 8 hours generally. The last phase is a post headache / hangover phase that leaves you feeling wiped out and can often have a residual dull headache, this can last up to 24 hours after the Migraine.

    Cluster headaches are a rare type of headache that are categorised by a series of attacks causing an excruciating amount of pain that often is experienced into one eye and into head and face of the same side, often accompanied by a runny nose and watery bloodshot eye, there is clinically no cure to these headaches although they can be managed to a point that allows the sufferer to live relatively symptom free throughout a cycle.

    The Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic is located in the bayside, peninsula suburb of Melbourne, Frankston. Victoria 3199. Making us local to anyone living or working in Frankston, Seaford, Langwarrin, Patterson Lakes, Carrum Downs, Aspendale Gardens, Chelsea Heights, Edithvale, Chelsea, Waterways, Bonbeach, Sandhurst, Karingal and Cranbourne.

    Throughout Glenn’s 16 year career he has literally helped thousands of people from all ages and walks of life get to the cause of the pain or injury and provide a complete solution.

    As the director of the Peninsula Pain and Injury Clinic I personally suffered from intense Headaches & Migraines that prevented me from playing sport when I was 12 years old, Not willing to accept that I had to suffer with the pain, I initially went to my Doctor that was unable to explain why I was suffering from them and prescribed me pain killers.

    I knew myself that blocking the pain temporarily wasn’t a solution so I then went to see a Chiropractor as I had been recommended to see if they could help. I had my neck adjusted which instantly felt better although I walked outside after the consultation and turned my head to see where mum had parked the car and my neck made a clunk sound and it felt just as it did prior to seeing the Chiropractor.

    As a twelve year old I knew that my muscles were responsible for all my bodies movements and as the Chiro spent no time looking at what condition my muscles were in I came to the realisation that it was too not a solution.

    So I then saught out treatment from those that I knew that looked after muscles. Massage therapists and Physiotherapists, which were able to provide me with temporary relief although they too didn’t provide me with a real solution.

    Not willing to just accept that I had to continue to suffer with these debilitating Migraines I kept looking for answers.

    My philosophy is that we only get more by expecting more.

    I was 13 when I then found out that Myo means muscle so I went off to a Myotherapist to see what they had to say about my Headaches & Migraines and it was a real light bulb moment in my life, what they were saying made so much sense as they were able to explain the cause of my pain, and provide an easy solution to help me fix the Headaches & Migraines.

    It was at that point that I knew what I wanted to do as an occupation, to also help people find solutions to their pain and injuries.