• Natural Pain relief for everybody

  • At The Peninsula Pain & Injury clinic we provide natural solutions to all types of pain and injuries to suit everybody despite your age. Glenn Austen has helped thousands of people from infants all the way up to people in their 90's and everybody inbetween. It's never too late or too early to benefit from Myotherapy.

    The Myotherapy treatment at the Peninsula Pain and Injury Clinic is tailored specifically to suit each individual, this enables fast effective pain relief and by working together with your treatment you are able to recover from an injury as fast as humanly possible.

    It's important to recognise the bodies warning system for an injury or biomechanical dysfunction, this is done so by your body producing symptoms, these symptoms progress as the injury or dysfunction becomes more complex over time, this can become very confusing to an individual in regards to knowing what the best thing is to do about your pain and or injuries.

    At the Peninsula Pain and Injury Clinic we provide a detailed although easy to comprehend approach in regards to education of your individual pain and or injury and tailor a plan to suit your needs. The symptoms we can experience from musculoskeletal pain and or injury are a guide as to how bad / progressive an injury is. The symptoms progress in a specific order, starting with;

    1. Fatigue
    2. Tightness
    3. Pain
    4. Secondary Dysfunction often resulting in more stubborn pain.
    5. Degeneration 

    What we do at the Peninsula Pain and Injury Clinic is clearly recognise where your at and provide solutions to reverse and restore what state your body is in so that you can feel and function as you want to.

    When we ignore the symptoms our body is producing our body does a marvellous thing without permission, the body adapts around the present dysfunction which in turn places more workload to other areas therefore increasing the likelihood for secondary issues.

    People assume as they get older it is normal to experience more pain, affected mobility, a decrease in strength, flexibility, coordination, power, endurance, agility along with a increased tendency for degenerative changes throughout the body. Now let me make this very clear that this doesn't need to be your reality, if we decide to do nothing to help ourselves or seek education and professional treatment that is offered at The Pain and Injury Clinic or other similar places then this certainly can be your reality.

    Although if you expect more from yourself and wish to take control of how your body functions and feels, then that is what we are here for to help you achieve that goal. The only reason when we do nothing or do the wrong things in our attempt to help ourselves and still find ourselves experiencing more pain and dysfunction as you age is purely and simply due to the fact that if we are older we have spent more time on the earth therefore giving ourselves more opportunity to aggravate our body. We are a product of what we practice as well as being a product of our environment. Every cause has an effect, if you continue to ignore your bodies attempt to communicate with you your body eventually starts yelling at you to get your attention. The ultimate fix for this is to listen and then do what's necessary. At the Peninsula Pain and Injury Clinic we provide a natural solution to reversing and restoring your body back to the way you want fast and effectively. Myotherapy provides a wide range of treatment options to assist you in getting rid of pain and injury.