• Best way to fix Pain and Injuries

  • To ask "What is the best way to fix pain and injuries" is an incredibly important question to ask so that we don't find ourselves wasting time, effort and money trying something that does not give us the results we are after.

    Whether it is back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or any other type of musculoskeletal pain or injury that is causing you discomfort or is affecting your mobility in any way. It is important to understand what you should do about it. There are many different options available to us these days that leave us spoilt for choice and we can all be thankful for that, although it creates allot of confusion and opportunity to be deceived or mislead.

    When it comes to pain or injury that affects our musculoskeletal system which actually accounts for the majority of pain that we will ever experience in our life time it is very helpful to understand the process of pathology, or in other words what causes us pain, why are we experiencing it and how can we fix it.

    To understand this complex process easily think of your body like a car driving along a bumpy road, the acceleration of the car and the bumps represent the constant forces that are applied to your body every second of your life. The force is first absorbed by the tyres of the car which are represented in our bodies as our muscles, the next layer to get involved becomes our bodies joints which is similar to the cars shock absorbers and the body of the car is represented by our skeletal system or our bones. Therefore it's only if the tyres are not functioning correctly that the other areas eventually will get involved over time but the important thing to get out of this analogy is that the muscles are always the first thing to get involved when it comes to pain and injury of the body. Even in the situation whereby the force exceeded what the tyres could tolerate in an instant, this would eventuate to cause a fracture of a bone but the muscles will still be involved by initially attempting to absorb as much of the impact force and then secondarily to contract continuously to stabilise the unstable fractured bone. Although this is not the most common way we obtain injuries or pain in our body, most of the time it is a compounding slower process that occurs over time even if we are currently not conscious of this.

    The reason we are often not conscious of this compounding process is because our body has an incredible way of adapting to prevent you from realising that our body is in a dysfunctional state that is ripe fro pain or injury. Understanding this is vital if we want to be pain free in our lives and will equip us with the ability to prevent injury or degeneration.

    This topic is expanded upon in the article "Making being pain free a reality" .

    A simple to understand analogy to explain this is if you think of your body like a company, whereby the boss is your brain and workers are your muscles, every worker has a job to do and if everyone is working together everyone stays happy which keeps the company productive and the boss happy, if there are inefficiencies within the workplace you end up with some workers doing overtime without pay which makes them go on strike, meaning they stop working and kick up a fuss trying to get the bosses attention that they are not happy. Although the boss often doesn't realise this because other workers then start picking up the slack until they too become fed up with having to work harder but without being rewarded for it, so they too go on strike. It's not until all the workers within one department go on strike that its gets the bosses attention to do something about it because in the meantime the work was still getting done. This represents perfectly what happens with our body therefore preventing us from being aware of what is going wrong.

    The pathology within our muscular system that is therefore responsible for every type of pain or injury either directly or indirectly is the formation of myofascial trigger points.

    With that being said if we truly want to be pain and injury free we need to ensure we are getting to the cause of your pain and injury by releasing these trigger points that form within our musculosketal system.

    At the Peninsula Pain & Injury Clinic we specialise with the best methods of releasing Myofascial trigger points and restoring the condition of your musculoskeletal system by addressing the biomechanical causes fast and effectively by providing a personalised level of care that will exceed your expectations and empower you to learn how easy it is to be pain free throughout your entire life.

    My philosophy is that if we don't expect more we don't get more, I see it all to often that people are suffering from constant pain and becoming complacent because they have attempted in the past to fix the cause of their pain or injury without success and believe that nothing can be done to help them.

    If you are sick of getting treatments that are only focusing on your symptoms and not what causes the symptoms or if you are fed up with the feeling you are going around and around in circles with your treatment without making a fast recovery, or if you have the feeling you are being ripped off or been taking on a ride when your health and wellbeing are on the line or If you or someone you know expects more and want to understand how easily it can be to be pain and injury free, give us a call to discuss your pain or injury we are here to help.

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